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At NavLeb, our top priority is providing our clients with unparalleled GPS tracking solutions that enhance their operations and ensure peace of mind. We believe that the true measure of our success is reflected in the satisfaction and success of our customers. Here are some of the experiences shared by our valued clients who have benefited from our innovative GPS tracking technology.


Incredible Accuracy

Since integrating the GPS and into our fleet and using Navleb, our efficiency has soared. With pinpoint accuracy, it streamlines routes, reduces fuel consumption, and ensures timely deliveries. It's a game-changer for our logistics operations.

Ali Makki

Transmed I Unit Manager


Reliable Performance

Navlebs GPS tracking system is essential and valuable to our business, particularly the live monitoring of vehicles, which allows us to know the exact location of every vehicle in our fleet. In addition, monthly trip summary reports are our companys major vehicle management requirement.

Rana Abou Dargham

Europcar Lebanon I Marketing Manager


Exceptional Customer Service

We have been using NavLeb GPS system for more than a year, I want to share my impression regarding the professionalism and experience of this company.

They have an exceptional ongoing support and customer service.

I highly recommend NavLeb for anyone looking to implement GPS solutions.

Mariebelle Haber

Holdal group I Head of Last Mile Delivery Department


Full Commitment and Dedication

After 3 consecutive years of using NavLeb GPS Tracking System to monitor our fleet, I can say the following:

-        Full commitment to Almaza account

-        Dedication to team learning and training

-        Full support to new pop-up projects suggested by Almaza

-        Always available to help you find your correct report as well as preparing preset ones.

Georges Jekayem

Almaza | Sales Support Manager