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GPS For Vehicles Apr 25 2024

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

As a small business, staying competitive against larger or more established organizations depends heavily on how you manage the bottom line. For many companies, fleet ownership costs represent a considerable variable on a month-to-month basis. From fuel prices to traffic, a number of factors impact your ability to move products or perform the services your customers demand.

Effective fleet management can provide a hedge against this uncertainty. NavLeb Fleet Tracker is a powerful vehicle tracking system for small businesses that gives you tools to control costs, mitigate risks, maintain compliance and run a more sustainable operation overall.

What is GPS Tracking?

A GPS Tracking System is a real time Fleet and Asset Management System that uses GPS to determine the exact location of a vehicle, person or other asset to which it is attached. It provides the user with the position of the asset along with other parameters such as speed, odometer, direction, altitude, inputs, entering/exiting geo-zones, address and closest POI (Point Of Interest) at regular intervals. Tracking is tailored for Repair & Maintenance Services, Sales, Distributors, Courier Services, Emergency Services, Car Rentals, Taxis, Security companies, etc. The available information and reports allow the person in charge to manage operations from anywhere in the world and to make educated decisions and to effectively manage their assets.

Profitability and Benefits for Companies

Companies throughout the world are turning to GPS-enabled tracking and Fleet Management solutions to increase efficiencies and cut cost. A study done by the Aberdeen Group in Boston indicates that responding firms in the US have seen the following average improvements in key service performance indicators since the adoption of the GPS-enabled solution:

  • 25% reduction in idle times
  • 32% increase in fleet utilization
  • 22% decrease in fuel costs and a 31% drop in daily mileage
  • 23% increase in workforce productivity

Geo-zone Function

Geo-zones are virtual boundaries such as country, city boundaries down to a 1 meter radius zone. Users can create custom Geo-zones and can instantly be alerted when a vehicle or an asset enters/exists that specified Geo-zone. Our Geo-zone function can help your company with the following

  • Controls sales territories and prevents assets from going into unauthorized areas
  • Can be created around each one of your customers to help verify the coverage of your sales representatives and to help manage your customer service personnel
  • Forms a profile of how much time a salesman or a technician is spending at each customer location
  • Can then be used by managers to reduce idle time and to increase the number of sales visits and service calls per day

Customer Service Improvements

GPS Tracking can help you locate the nearest assets to customers calling and requesting service without the use of cell phones or radios. The call center can then direct the nearest available asset (service truck, taxi, emergency vehicle, etc.) to the customer. The Tracking system can improve Customer Service by:

  • Improving response times to customer calls
  • Improving ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) accuracy
  • Allowing you to notify customers if the service is running late
  • Acting as an effective marketing tool

Reduction in Labor Cost

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System can help you reduce your labor costs significantly. A study done by Motorola in the US concluded that companies save an average of $5,484 per employee per year by utilizing GPS technology. Labor cost is reduced by:

  • Increasing the number of sales visits and service calls per day
  • Reducing unauthorized vehicle stops
  • Eliminating unproductive activities
  • Eliminating abuse

Lower Fuel Costs

Studies also showed that Tracking Systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by up to 22%. Vehicle fuel costs are kept lower by:

  • Reducing excessive idle time
  • Reducing excessive speeding
  • Eliminating personal use of fleet vehicles
  • Improving vehicle maintenance
  • Eliminating side jobs
  • Detecting fuel theft

Improve Supervision

GPS Tracking helps you improve supervision of your vehicles by giving you instant access to the location and status of your trucks, equipment and other vehicle assets. It allows companies to be more efficient and add more jobs to a work day.

Custom Reports

Owning the software allows us to make changes and add features and services that our customers require and request. For example, our Maintenance Report allows you to schedule up to four custom services to be tracked and monitored such as oil change, timing belt change, brakes, and tires. Monthly fees support a whole host of activities and functions that need to exist in order to provide a reliable Tracking System. They include:

  • Full Custom reports
  • Monthly fees of the GPRS cards
  • Accessing all available reports and data
  • Map updates
  • POI updates
  • Configuration & Software updates
  • Handle faults & failures of the GSM carriers
  • 2 year full coverage warranty on hardware and installations