1.     Turn the device on
  2.     Go to "Settings" (Click “Tools” then “Settings” on some units)
  3.     Select "System"
  4.     Select the "About" button
  5.     Read the Unit ID (10 Digit code) 

NavLeb maps cover all of Lebanon
Warning: Installing Custom Maps on the Unit’s internal memory might void the warranty from Garmin ®

  1. Connect the unit to a Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop via the supplied USB cable
  2. Wait for Windows® to recognize the unit as a removable storage device
  3. Open the Garmin Folder under the GARMIN Drive
  4. Unzip the File you downloaded from the NavLeb site to a location of your choosing
  5. Find the gmapsupp.img file (from the file you unzipped) and copy/replace it to the Garmin Folder under the GARMIN drive
  6. Unplug the unit from the PC (or Laptop)
  7. When the unit restarts the map will be loaded

  1. Unzip the File you downloaded from the NavLeb site to a location of your choosing
  2. Connect the SD card to the PC (or Laptop) using a card reader
  3. Open the SD card and create a folder called garmin in the root of the SD card (drive letter:\garmin)
  4. Find the gmapsupp.img file (from the file you unzipped) and copy/replace it to the garmin folder on the SD card
  5. Plug the SD card into the unit
  6. When you turn the unit on, the map will be loaded

  • This error indicates that the maps you loaded into the unit are not designed for that unit
  • If the Unit ID is the same as the one you bought the maps for, please contact NavLeb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • If the Unit ID does not match the one you bought the map for, you need to purchase a map for this unit

  • Our maps cover all of Lebanon
  • Our maps are fully tested for accuracy and correctness
  • Our maps are fully licensed by the Lebanese Army

  • We generate our own database through field collection
  • Our database covers all of Lebanon and is up-to-date
  • Our database is constantly growing and updated

  • Maps are updated once a year
  • Updates are FREE
Units are sold in our main NavLeb office and in several other retail stores.
Maps can be purchased in our main office or online on this site
Your maps will be ready for download in 3 to 5 business days after the order has been paid. You may locate a link to the maps in your "my NavLeb" page. Our business days are Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

  • Login to your account (create an account if you have not already done so)
  • Go to MyNavLeb
  • Register your product (SD card or device)
  • Click Request an update for your product
  • Your map will be ready for download in 3 to 5 business days


GPS tracking is available for companies and individuals.
If you request the option to shut down the vehicle, you will be able to shut down the vehicle from the website.
Yes. Our system is web based therefore you can access it anywhere in the world with an internet enabled PC/Tablet or phone.
Yes. NavLeb offers a satellite based tracker that send location data through the satellite network when GSM coverage is lost.
Yes. The tracking device will work anywhere provided it’s not underground or in an area where there’s no GPS and GSM coverage.
Yes. We update and enhance our system regularly and since the system is web based, you don’t have to worry about installing software or compatibility issues, just login.
Yes. NavLeb’s tracking system is a real time tracking system that send data through the GSM network to our secure servers.
Installation of the device can be invisible to the user with no visible antennas or wires.
Yes. NavLeb offers personal trackers for sales force, personal use and children.
Yes. With NavLeb’s fleet map, you can see all your devices in a single page or view then by groups.
Yes. NavLeb’s website provides you the option to replay historic data based on date and time.
Yes. NavLeb offer maintenance schedules where you can set the maintenance interval for your vehicles and generate reports.
Yes. NavLeb offers you an itinerary setting page where you can set the users expected itinerary and then generate reports detailing the trip, the visited location and in what order.
Yes. NavLeb gives you the option to export reports in HTML, CSV and MS Excel formats.
The data will be stored internally in the device until the GSM signal is reacquired. Once the signal is back, all data is sent to the servers and you will not lose any data points.

GIS Services

A geographic information system (GIS) is a combination of hardware, software, and data that enables analysis of the location and characteristics of geographic phenomena.
There are a number of reasons why GIS is important, here are a few. GIS is important because it provides decision makers with the tools necessary to answer complex geospatial questions. It integrates spatial and tabular information in a single consistent framework and it provides insight into patterns and spatial relationships within data that might not be obvious outside of a GIS.
ArcGIS is a collection of GIS software products that provide the necessary tools to capture, manage, analyze, and displaying geographically referenced information.
In order to write a typical address, first you should start by the Building Name, Street Name, Floor, Apartment, City Name, Mouhafaza, and Finally the Zipcode.
The good news is YES WE DO, NavLeb has finally dedicated a unique Zipcode for each city in Lebanon.
NSA stands for National Street Addressing
Through contacts with local municipalities, NavLeb is applying the NSA standard and we are giving each street and building a name or a number.
On each and every intersection you can see a pole that holds signs that shows the name or the number of the street, and on the other hand on each building you can see an aluminum plate that indicates the number of the building.

  • Proper addressing allows people to easily find their way around the country
  • Mail Delivery
  • Online Commerce
  • Financial Services

  • Emergency Services
  • Government services (collection of taxes…)
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Public Transportation Regulation
  • Transportation Sector