NavLeb Fleet Tracker is the fastest and easiest GPS Tracking tool to help make your job easier and you business more efficient and profitable. It enables you to detect the vehicle's behavior as it happens anytime, anywhere using our desktop and mobile applications.

GPS Tracking Lebanon  


NavLeb Fleet Tracker supports more protocols and tracking device models than any other GPS Tracking system in Lebanon. We are currently using US made GPS Tracking device from the world known CalAmp company.

 GPS Tracking Lebanon


NavLeb Fleet Tracker include modern fully-featured web interface with both desktop and mobile-friendly layouts. We also provide native mobile apps for android and IOS platforms. In addition, we can provide our customers with a POI collector mobile application to help them localize their clients on our GPS Tracking map.


Smart Phone /Tablet Apps

NavLeb Fleet Tracker provides fast responding, and easy tracking app for smart phones, and tablets. Customers can use it to track fleets, check tracking history and get instant push notifications when violations are committed.


Real Time Tracking

With NavLeb Fleet Tracker you can monitor your GPS devices in real time with no delay. We have various map options, including NavLeb and Google road maps, satellite imagery and live Traffic Layers. Our servers handle wide variety of sensors and additional information from GPS units.


Fleet Management Solution

All modules of Fleet Management System with GPS real time tracking system exist in our GPS Tracking Software. Our maintenance report allows customers to schedule odometer-based parameters like oil change, brakes, and wheel change as well as time-based parameters like the renewal of the insurance policy and the mechanical-preview date.



NavLeb Fleet Tracker software provides email, SMS, and Instant push notifications for harsh driving behavior, over speed, maintenance events, geofencing, and many other types of alerts.


Auto Mail Reporting

Automatically generate all reports for selected filters like vehicles and drivers for a selected period of time. After a one time configuration,the system will automatically send the report to your email address with specified reporting format like Excel, XML, CSV, etc.... By using this method, there is no need to login the site to generate reports from now on.


Customize Reports

Due to our fully in-house developed vehicle GPS tracking software, we can provide our customers with whatever report they may be looking for. We already have unique reports that you can customize their columns yourself without any extra software development.

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