Route guidance from one location to another without navigation devices or asking for directions








NavLeb’s Webmap was the first online map in Lebanon to offer point to point navigation anywhere in Lebanon.  The Webmap is based on our highly detailed and updated Map which includes street directions, speed limits and category (Residential, Highways and Major Roads).  The map features updated Points of Interest (POIs) which includes but not limited to Hospitals, Restaurants, Shopping, Places of Worship and more.  MapQuest has served the United States of America and other countries for years providing Point to Point Navigation for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our Webmap provides the same service as MapQuest for Lebanon.  Directions are given on the map and in step by step directions.  With the progression of the Street Addressing Project championed by NavLeb, our Webmap features searching by addresses.  This new feature and the constant updated to the Map makes NavLeb’s Webmap a unique product which serves the Lebanese public as well as tourists in Lebanon. 


Map Directions and Written Instructions



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