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Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

Issues Faced by Companies Managing Large Fleets

Typical Company

Companies nowadays regardless of fleet size have major concerns regarding the management of their vehicles. These concerns focus on:

  • Cost of operating the company vehicle; fuel, oil, tires, brakes, insurance, etc.
  • Time Management & employee honesty
  • The quality of customer service

With the price of fuel escalating and the constant need to reduce cost, a typical company has the following, but not restricted to, concerns:

  • Fuel theft
  • Cargo/material theft
  • Unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Unauthorized stops & trips
  • Lack of auditing and verification of trips
  • Claimed and unfulfilled customer visits
  • Vehicle abuse: Speeding/Harsh Braking and acceleration
  • Inability to meet certain government or industry regulations
    • Monitoring of refrigerated goods
    • Proper disposal of waste material
    • Vehicle Upholding
      • Maintenance Schedules
      • Tire Management (Heavy Duty Vehicle)
      • Poor and inefficient route planning


NavLeb Solution

NavLeb offers real time vehicle and asset tracking system which allows you to:

  • Track your vehicles/assets in real time & receive extensive pertinent information
  • Interface collected information to existing ERP systems
  • Dispatch service personnel to stranded vehicles
  • Access real time diagnostic information from the vehicle computer
  • Improve driver behavior and control maintenance cost
  • Control cargo safety
  • Monitor & Control Hazardous Material Disposal


Benefits of Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking has been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet performance. In fact many fleet managers see a huge difference in cost savings within days of implementing a GPS tracking system. The majority of customers experience the following benefits:

  • Improvement in customer service
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Better fleet supervision
  • Increase productivity and profits


Tracking Surveys

What are the surveys saying?

A study done in 2009 by the Aberdeen Group in Boston found that responding US firms have seen the following improvements:

  • 25% reduction in idle time
  • 32% increase in fleet utilization
  • 22% decrease in Fuel cost
  • 31% drop in daily mileage
  • 23% increase in workforce productivity

The Aberdeen Group repeated the survey in 2012 and found similar results. These results are indicative of the cost containment pressures that companies face and the benefits they are able to achieve with the use of tracking

Case Study

Company Saves 1,100 gallons of Fuel 2 Weeks after Installation

Most clients start seeing positive results from using GPS tracking & fleet management system within 30 days.

Prior to implementation, Keil Southworth of Albertina Kerr Centers in Portland Oregon was unsure whether the GPS tracking system would really help him to cut costs. So he decided to start with a trial unit to evaluate the product. He quickly realized how valuable and useful the system would be for his fleet. Once the trial period was over, Keil purchased 88 tracking devices for his entire fleet.

According to Keil: “Our fuel usage dropped by 1,100 gallons the first two weeks after installing the GPS tracking units. The following two weeks our usage remained at 700 gallons under our average.”  The fuel savings is typical of fleets that implement GPS fleet management systems. The Aberdeen Group surveyed users of GPS fleet management systems and found that they were able to reduce fuel costs by an average of 13.2 percent.

Sample Tracking Reports

NavLeb offers an extensive set of reports that covers most if not all customer needs.

Vehicle Reports:

  • Detailed Report:Lists all activities.
  • Trip Report: Lists trip details for a single vehicle
  • Speeds over 60 Km/h: Lists all entries where speed exceeds 60 Km/h
  • Speeds over 80 Km/h: Lists all entries where speed exceeds 80 Km/h
  • Speeds over 100 Km/h: Lists all entries where speed exceeds 100 Km/h
  • Violation Report:Lists all entries where violations occurred: Violations include:
  • Over speeding
  • Exit/Enter geo-zone area
  • Main Power Disconnected
  • Itinerary Report: Allows to plan and monitor  a salesman or a truck delivery route

Group Reports:

  • Summary Report: Lists the last locations of all assets within selected group
  • Detailed Group Report: Lists all activities for a group of vehicles.
  • Mileage Report:Lists the total number of kilometers traveled

Violation Notification:

  • Receive instant notifications via email of specified violations.  Violations include over speeding, entering or exciting geo-zones, device tampering, input status, battery status, ignition on/off and any combination of the above such as speed over 15 Km/h while hatch is open.


Sample Reports

Sample Detailed Report



Sample Trip Report



Sample Speed Over 100 Reports



Tracking Software Screen Shots

Sample Fleet Map (all Assets)


Sample Trip Map (Detailed Map)